Finally Planted My Tomatoes

Sigh. It's going to be a long wait for the first tomato of summer, I'm afraid. In 2005, I had tomatoes by June 23. In 2016, I've only just planted.

It rained every day in May, a thing unheard of -- and it was cold most days. Then I had to go to Rome for a week on some business. So: today was the day.  Only two varieties, as I'll be in and out of town all summer and can't care for everything. Plus, I haven't been super-happy with tomato crop yields the past few years. Could be weird weather (unseasonably rainy, unseasonably cold). I suspect the Black Walnut across the way is poisoning the tomato plants. But just in case it's mere soil exhaustion, I decided to leave my usual garden patch fallow and plant elsewhere this year to see what happens.

So the garden patch is small this year, almost not worth it (except that tomatoes are always worth it): a few tomato plants, a cucumber plant I somehow bought accidentally, new basil, and some transplanted thyme and mint.