Trump Among the Weeds

Eldest Weed is an emphatic #NeverTrumper (thinks Trump is a Mussolini) while Mr. Weed, originally moderately anti-Trump, has become doggedly pro-Trump simply because of the insulting things his erstwhile friends say about Trump supporters. He's so ticked off, he's dug in and sounds more pro-Trump than he actually is.

I'm not a #nevertrumper, but I'm on the fence. If the election were held today, I'd probably vote for him. I'm hopeful he might not be that bad and that his inarticulate patriotism would be better than the Progressive anti-Americanism under which we now labor. As an internet friend put it:
In a choice between crap and a crapshoot, take the crapshoot. Duh. 
But his character (or lack thereof) concerns me and I don't have the heart to make an emphatic argument for him. Plus, I am watching to see how things develop before making a firm commitment.

Since Eldest Weed is home for the summer, our dinner conversations have become nightly debates between him and Mr. Weed over Trump in which no one else gets a word in edgewise (or, frankly, tries to, since there is nothing new to say). Therefore, out of curiosity, I asked the other folks in the household what they would do if they could vote and why.

Plus...I have this bee in my bonnet lately about how out of touch people who make natural law arguments are these days with actual natural law. I've decided that most conservatives --whether in the field of politics or the field of faith-- can't recognize an argument from nature if it smacks them upside the head. This applies to what they say about Trump and also, curiously, to their response to Pope Francis. Someday soon I'll explain what I mean but meanwhile I've become interested in what folks who are not yet spoiled by saturation in politics think. So I asked my kids.

  • Girl Weed (17): Honestly don't know. He might not be that bad, but there's potential for him to be horrible. I think it's pointless to vote third party and I believe there's a moral obligation to vote for and support the person you think will do less harm. But I am waiting to see which one that is. 
  • Middle Weed (15): Trump.  They're both pretty liberal and you don't really know what they'll do in foreign policy. But Hillary is so pro-abortion and Trump, whatever he actually believes, at least is publicly on the right side on the most telling issue. That's important. 
  • Youngest Weed (12): Trump, for two reasons. 1) Hillary's Supreme Court picks will be so horrible that his will have to be better;  2) If he wants to get re-elected, he will have to make Republicans happy, so it is likely that he will keep at least some of his promises, even if he doesn't really care about them so much.
Make of it what you will, but it's of interest to me for my purposes that the more unspoiled (by "news") they are, the more they support Trump.