Free Love, But No Lovers

I will try to say this delicately as I'm still of the mind that certain topics are not for mixed company -- and plus, my mom might be reading. 
Among the things that make me sad about the apparently bottomless pit of unseemly revelations about our celebrities (in every field) is that for all of "free love's" promise of beautiful, healthy, unrepressed sexual experiences, the actual experiences people are having are ugly, tawdry, solipsistic, and self-ruining. Co-eds getting massively drunk to force themselves (for what reason?) to be with men they can't look at sober; and men who because of their positions wouldn't lack for willing partners, yet can't approach a woman in normal fashion -- they can only seek admiration for themselves in bizarre ways. 
I mean, forget anti-harassment training. How about just sisterly advice: she does not want to see that. Even if she likes you and wouldn't mind being seduced, she doesn't. If you were a lover and not Narcissus, you would know that.
I try to be a nice Catholic girl, so I'm not on board with extra-marital sexual expression in the first place. I think the much-mocked traditional morality does a much better job of allowing sex to be beautiful and guilt-free and life-giving in both the literal and emotional senses. But this behavior isn't merely immoral, it's inhuman and degraded. It's libido turned inward towards the self instead of outward towards the other. 
My godfather used to say that if you're going to go to hell, you should go first class. This ain't it. This is more like a vision of hell itself. And it makes me feel terribly sad.