Happy Christmas 2019, Day 5

The Nativity, from The Morgan Book of the Hours, shamelessly pinched from @jrsartplace

Is it cheating a little to use an illustrated manuscript in this "illustrator's Christmas" series? I don't care, I love it. The FB site Weird Catholic informs us:
These expensive books of hours were inscribed in silver and gold on vellum dipped in black dye. Few were made and fewer survive. The carbon content of the black dye proved to be an unstable medium, so the manuscript is not currently on display due to conservation concerns.
For your Christmas reading:
Thomas Kidd, Christianity is the greatest engine of moral reform.
Fr. Paul Scalia, Fearing Rightly (I don't think his is the only or the most convincing read, but worthy)
David Bentley Hart: Human Dignity was a rarity before Christianity