For Some Doll, A Twitter Take on Megxit

The Official Cartoonist of Wheat & Weeds & I amused ourselves on twitter last night. Gathering the results here.

With Apologies to Frank Loesser


What's happening all over?
I'll tell you what's happening all over
Guy sitting home by a television set
That used to be something of a rover

That's what's happening all over
Love is the thing that has licked 'em
And it looks like Harry's just another victim


When you see a man Disrespecting his clan, Calling quits on the cushiest gig of all... Call it nuts, call it scary, but say goodbye to “Prince” Harry
Cuz the guy’s only doin' it for some doll.

When you see a gent Begging to pay the rent Paying back all those taxes he used to haul HRH isn’t smiling, but Meghan is so beguiling
And the guy’s only doin' it for some doll.

When you see a bloke Who is suddenly woke He'll renounce Buckingham palace for the mall Call it weak, call it simpy, or you simply might call it wimpy 
But the prince is only doin' it for some doll.


When you see a Hal who has been a good egg
hop off one leg
as only a Hal could do for a Meg...


When you see a frail
Who can harpoon a Wale Even if it took the girl a second try Call her mean, call her callous, but the decision to leave the palace-- 
I bet she wan't doing it for her guy.

When the Duchess Megs Cuts her prince at the legs “Them or me” after hardly much at time at all Call it dumb, call it clever, Abdication’s forever! And the guy’s only doin' it for some doll.