Holy Saturday, 2020


Pieta by Bela Čikoš Sesija, 1896.  With curtsy to J.R's Art Place

Almost over now... at least the voluntary part of Lent. The involuntary may hang around a while longer yet. 

It's the day of my favorite reading of the year. Newman has a wonderful line at the end of his homily "Moses as a type of Christ" which is also about Christ's leading sinners through the sea of sin. But he addresses us, not Adam:

Awake, then, with this season, to meet your God, who now summons you from his cross and tomb. Put aside the sin that so easily besets you and be holy even as he is holy. Stand ready to suffer with him. He can make bitter things sweet to you and hard ways easy, if you have but the heart to desire him to do so. He can change the Law into the Gospel.