Meek & Humble of Heart, Day 6


Image credit:  Sacred Heart of Jesus Among the People, Prosper de Troyer, 1933

I've run this here on the blog previously, but now the link where I originally found it is dead, and I can only find an apparently earlier variation which I don't like as well.  

A reflection on devotion to the Sacred Heart from Bevil Bramwell, OMI:

What are the effects of the wounding of Jesus’ sacred heart? It fired up the apostles and the martyrs to witness to their faith right to the end. It inspired the doctors of the Church with tireless zeal to teach the faith. It drove the “confessors” to develop virtues both for themselves and as an example to others. It motivated virgins “to a free and joyful withdrawal from the pleasures of the senses and to the complete dedication of themselves to the love of their heavenly Spouse.”

The marvelous focus of our adoration on the Sacred Heart shows it to be the source of divine love but also the example of all of the virtues. He is the living presence of our salvation radiating from the heart of the Church, which after all is his Body. (Romans 12:5)