Christmas 2021, Day 6


 Jules Bastien LePage, Annunciation to the Shepherds, shamelessly pinched from here

Continuing the visual contemplation of Good News and its reception. 

Here's someone reading an old revival sermon from Horatius Bonar. 

Would you have a safeguard against worldliness and vanity and sin and error and the snares of these last days? Choose and keep the young child's companionship. Wherever you go, be like Joseph and Mary when they fled into Egypt: take the young child with you. Is it into the world's business? Take the young child with you.  Is it into philosophy and literature? Take the young child with you. Is it into relaxations and amusements? Take the young child with you. If you take Him, all is right. If you forget to do so, or find you cannot, all is wrong. 

Worth the full listen. 

Also: "The Miracle of the Flowers."  An annual Christmas-season miracle I'd never heard before.