Happy Epiphany, 2022!


 Adoration of the MagiGaetano Previati, shamelessly pinched from Wikicommons
You should click to enlarge and see the sweep of the painting. 

There are old, but still cool, photos of Epiphany celebrations around the world. 

Epiphany Jam Tart 

Patron saints of all latecomers. 

Probably the absolute opposite of Epiphany: Denzel Washington in Macbeth. Mentioning it here because it's only in theaters until Jan 12. After that you have to stream it on Apple+, and nobody wants to do that. 
I haven't seen it, but a friend whose judgment about such things tends to coincide with mine has and he gave it a very good review. 

Have a wonderful year, Everyone. Thanks for stopping by for these "12 Days."  Same time, next year, and at random times when the bug bites me.