Books Read, 2022


Move it along, nothing to see here, this is just for personal records. 


The Bible (using the schedule from Fr. Mike Schmitz' Bible-in-a-year program)
Spe Salvi  (BXVI)

Professional & Devotional
The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship (Widmer)
The Art of Dying Well (St. Robert Bellarmine)
Business as a Calling (Novak)
Charles de Foucauld: Writings
Diary of St. Faustina 
Into Your Hands, Father (Stinissen)
Lessons from the Workshop of St. Joseph (Brandenberg) 
The Mind's Ascent to God by the Ladder of Created Things (Bellarmine) 
The Economics of the Parables (Sirico) 
Go! (Bartunek) 
Spirit of Democratic Capitalism (Novak)
Spiritual Direction of St. Claude de la Colombiere 

Book Clubs
As Earth Without Water (Carl) 
The Brothers K (David James Duncan) 
Cold Sassy Tree (Burns)
The Help (Stockett)
Hipparchus (Plato) 
Laws (Plato) (Books 1-6)
The Lincoln Highway (Towles) 
Lord of the World (Benson)
Minos (Plato)
Oeconomicus (Xenophon)
The Painted Veil (Maugham) 
The Question Concerning Technology (Heidegger) 
Scoop (Waugh) 

Just Felt Like It 
In Pieces (Ortiz) 
The Color Purple (Walker)  
The Path Between the Seas (McCullough) 
She Loves Me Not ~ not quite finished every story (Hansen) 
Small Things Like These (Keegan) 
Your Inner Hedgehog (McCall Smith) 

King Lear