Palm Sunday, 2023


 Photo by J.R. Herreid from a museum in Munich. Shamelessly pinched from his FB page, J.R.'s Art Place

I love this not only for the depiction of Christ on the colt, but see the rollers? This was used to lead the Palm Sunday procession using a rope and pulley system. Not only did our forebears do processions better than we do, I love all the gizmos from the Baroque period when people were working out mechanics and put their tinkering in service of the quasi-liturgy. (I'll re-post a really cool one from Florence for Pentecost once the time is right.)  At the link, Herreid quotes Georg Ratzinger (the pope's brother) in a humorous anecdote about when one of these things malfunctioned. 

And for your edification and profound encouragement, Msgr. Pope's reflections for the day.  (Love the point towards the end about the deliberate ambiguity in St. John's gospel about who is sitting on the judgment seat. Give it a listen.)