Merry Christmas 2022 ~ Day 2



Image Credit: The Holy Family, Stanley Fletcher, shamelessly pinched from The Plough

And while we're at that link above for the art credit, may as well read the post, which is St. John Chrysostom on "The Ancient of Days Becomes an Infant." 

And in what manner was the Almighty with her, who came forth from her? He was as the craftsman, who coming on some suitable material, fashions to himself a beautiful vessel; so Christ, finding the holy body and soul of the Virgin, builds for himself a living temple, and as he had willed, formed there a man from the Virgin; and, putting him on, this day came forth; unashamed of the lowliness of our nature…

What shall I say! And how shall I describe this birth to you? For this wonder fills me with astonishment.