Merry Christmas! ~Day 6


Image: Our Lady IroningBeatrice Elvery Glenavy (Irish, 1883-1970), 
shamelessly pinched from FB user Maryellen Brown

Fr. Roger Landry's homily for today's Feast of the Holy Family. 

For fun: if you happen to live locally, here are some worthwhile local activities: 

Go see the Carpaccio exhibit at the National Gallery.  Bright colors of the Venetian Renaissance, and it will feel Chrstimas-y because of all the religious content, including several huge panels of the life of the Blessed Virgin. 

While you're there, but only through this weekend, see Sargent in Spain. There are some of the John Singer Sargent portraits you're used to, but also his sketches and prep work for Jaleo, and things you aren't used to seeing from him, such as landscapes, architectural details, and sweet local scenes. Plus his copies of Velazquez when he visited the Prado as a student. 

Round House Theater's The Tempest. Teller of Penn & Teller helped adapt this version, which incorporates magic tricks and illusions into the performance. I went with low expectations, thinking the stage business would overpower the text, but I was wrong. It makes Caliban more a monster and makes Ariel more poignant, which heightens the sense of what it is to be human, properly human.  (I don't love the Miranda, but it's enjoyable nonetheless).