Here's the Homily

In Italian, though. RC2 loves the professor in B16. He begins by saying there are two main images in the scripture readings, and proceeds to explain them. So ordered and clear (Ratzinger is one of two Germans RC2 can understand, the other being Josef Pieper). RC2 can only muddle through the text, but he seems to link the Jewish and Christian traditions, showing how God manifest himself to the Israelites in fire and wind and the ten commandments, and showing how the old law is fulfilled in this presence of God at Pentecost. He speaks (again, RC2 thinks) of a free community being impossible where its constituent citizens are not personally free, and thus shows that God's laws are not limiting, but freeing, because they make self-mastery and ultimately community possible. And he takes up RC2's question about the relation between Babel and Pentecost! (RC2 beams, but doesn't quite get what he says.) Something about the Holy Spirit overcoming the confusion of hearts at Babel:

Lo Spirito Santo dona di comprendere. Supera la rottura iniziata a Babele - la confusione dei cuori, che ci mette gli uni contro gli altri - e apre le frontiere. Il popolo di Dio che aveva trovato al Sinai la sua prima configurazione, viene ora ampliato fino a non conoscere più alcuna frontiera. Il nuovo popolo di Dio, la Chiesa, è un popolo che proviene da tutti i popoli.

The second point regards the Lord entering the closed cenacle door and saying, "Peace be with you." The Pope says we are all closing our doors metaphorically, seeking security, but we have the possiblity of praying to be able to open our hearts and find peace even as we do the work of evangelization. Then he urges the ordinands to give people the sacraments. Will have to await the L'Osservatore translation for more.