Newsweek Lied, People Died

That's a bumper sticker I'd put on my car. Proposed by a caller to Laura Ingraham, whom RC2 listens to on Mondays on the way home from the grocery run. I feel sorry for Cal Thomas that his snobby anti-blog (they're not real journalists like me, he sniffs) column ran just as this most recent example of professional journalism was breaking. Would we know about the Bush awol memo being a forgery or about John Kerry never being in Cambodia without the blogs? And as for bloggers only talking to themselves, first of all, ahem, has Thomas noticed he's run in the W. Times, not the W. Post? And secondly, the newsblogs make a point of regularly linking to and picking intellectual fights with their ideological enemies. It's not perfect, maybe sometimes it's uncivil, but it beats trusting Jayson Blair, Jack Kelly, Dan Rather and Michael Isikoff for the truth.