In which she rants, etc. Vol. 3

Without making a policy pronouncement yet, RC2 declares her horror at one of the arguments often made in favor of a Guest Worker program: "Immigrants will do work that Americans aren't willing to do." RC2 gets the vapors every time she hears that. There is honest work that Americans think is beneath them? Since when? That is a shameful thing to admit about oneself and one's fellow-citizens. Isn't one of the things that separates Americans from Euro-trash that we are willing to start "at the bottom" and work our way to the top? Isn't that an essential part of the American dream? On second thought, RC2 doesn't get the vapors, she gets the urge to hit someone. Someone says that to me about my fellow Americans, there's gonna be a rumble. So why do so many people accept this comment blithely?