Sole Comment on the Jackson Case

I am trying to avoid knowing anything about the revolting life of Michael Jackson, so this will be my sole comment. A priest friend wrote me a couple of days ago that media coverage surrounding the Jackson case has seemed to him surreal. As evidence he cites the following snippet of news from the formerly gray Lady and suggests we try substituting “Fr. Smith” or “Senator Jones (R)” for "Mr. Jackson." "Where would this trial be if that were the case? How would the media be covering it?" he asks.

NYT May 7, 2005
….“Joy Robson, the mother of Wade Robson, now 22, said it was “not a problem” that Mr. Jackson was spending nights with her son beginning 15 years ago. “Nothing ever crossed my mind,” said Mrs. Robson, whose son had testified that he had shared a bed with Mr. Jackson…She admitted, however, that she had become upset at least twice when she could not find her son, once for three days, while he was with Mr. Jackson…”

Hmm. RC2 sees his point. At this point, however, she no longer cares about bringing "Wacko Jacko" to justice, since his sad life is in ruins already. She would much rather have the prosecutor go after the succession of parents who offered their children up to His Moloch-ness in hopes of a moment of reflected celebrity. Three days!?! RC2 lost her son in a Wal-Mart once for 5 minutes and it was the worst experience of her life. Can't we turn these parents over to France or Saudi Arabia for interrogation?