Text of Today's Audience

Is here. It doesn't include remarks about JP II, so they must have been spontaneous. Somewhere RC2 (apologies to whatever blog it probably was) read that Cardinal Ratzinger told an American friend to let American priests know that their homilies are too long. After 8 minutes people stop listening, he counselled. So far his catechetical remarks at his audiences are following his own keep it short advice.
UPDATE: RC2 thought the English version seemed incomplete, so she compared the Italian. Sure enough, for some reason the English translation is truncated, and the Italian version includes greetings in other languages and the brief remark about the Great. It's here if you care to slog through the Italian.
2ND UPDATE: How cool! What actually happened is that B16 gave his full catechesis in Italian and then personally summarized it in several different languages, closing his address to each language group with personal greetings. So the first link is to everything the Pope said in English, and the second is his original catechesis together with the personal comments to each group, but omitting the repeated catechetical summaries. At vatican.va you can read absolutely every word that was said if you care to.