Try the Liturgical Year Diet!

Well. . .not exactly, but this article from Zoë Saint-Paul is worth reading. RC2 has a friend who says that all heresies are heresies of the Incarnation, and since she heard that, she has not yet found an exception. This is more proof. (The article is sort of an intellectual version of Babette's Feast).
Yes, in our benevolence, we forgive her for saying something nice about the French.
Josef Pieper has an absolutely marvelous long essay sort of on this topic (not food directly, but on fasting and feasting) entitled "In Tune With the World." Basically his point is that Catholics have more fun because we're the only ones who really know how to have a feast. The rest of the world marks time, but experiences every day as exactly the same as any other. We're the only ones who actually live in time.