I Looked Brilliant There for a Few Hours, Didn't I?

I did not see a white male coming. . . .but I 'm glad Bush isn't being cowed into the "minority seat" game. Don't know nuttin' about John Roberts, but his wife's a past president of Feminists for Life, which may be all we need to know. I have a steadfast rule about pols. If their wives are sound on the social questions, they are sound on the social questions. If not, fuhgeddabout it. There are only three exceptions: Reagan, Bush & Bush. Hmm. Upon reflection, maybe it's a rule that only applies to Senators. Anyway. Now I predict that Bush will save Edith Clement for Chief Justice if Rehnquist steps down.
Update: Here's a little more info. on the nomination. Hugh Hewitt is ecstatic, and so is one of the Powerline guys (forget which one), and so are KLo & Peter Robinson at NRO, and Ed Whelan seems pleased. So I can sleep tonight; but I won't be fully convinced until Robbie George & Hadley Arkes sign off on him! Ninme has a funny headline in her post on Roberts: "Bill Clinton: First Black President. John Roberts: First Hispanic Woman Supreme Court Justice."