Random Words I Noticed Yesterday

Yesterday was wash-every-stitch-of-laundry-in-the-house and stock the fridge day, so that hubby's temporary sojourn as a single father (I'm only taking the oldest kids with me to CA) is not so terrible that he never lets us try such a thing again. Lots of folding to talk radio (local station's motto: "I think, therefore: AM"), although I was walking back and forth a lot so never quite concentrated.
After much repetition during the station breaks, however, two mild oddities from ABC radio news seeped into my consciousness. First, every half hour we got the Eric Rudolph sentencing story. That guy can't be defended and deserves his sentence, but I couldn't help but notice they billed him as "women's clinic bomber," not "abortion clinic bomber." As if maybe he'd bombed a spa.
Then, when they cut to the ads, one of the news shows was promoting an "exclusive interview" with some wrongdoer. Don't know whom, nor the nature of the crime, but the actuality they kept playing was of him saying in a terribly downtrodden voice, "I did a bad thing. But I am not a bad person. "
Ahem. What would the definition of a bad person be then?
Body-soul dualism, Dude. Just say no.