I'm Wide Awake Now

When my husband and I first married, the phone would often ring sometime between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning on Saturday. We would brace ourselves for terrible news on the other end of the line (why else would anyone call at that hour?). It would be Mom --nothing urgent, just something occurred to her and she'd been up for a while and forgot to notice the clock. It took us awhile to break her of that habit.

This morning our elderly neighbor across the street called at 6:58 am. I was up, but not yet fit for human interaction (doing my a.m. meditation, pre-coffee, if you must know). Once again, I braced myself for the worst and answered. My neighbor wanted to see if I'd run down a phone number I spoke with her about last night. "Not yet, Betty, I'll call around this morning."

They say that most heart attacks occur in the morning. Maybe it's because of early phone calls. It's too late to save our parents' generation, but. . . .Can we all just resolve right now that when we're elderly and insomniac we'll wait until business hours to call people?