So Much to Link, So Little Time

Just go to Insight Scoop today --well, actually I guess it's yesterday's posts that interest me, since they haven't got started on today yet out there. But there's evidence Gerry Matatics isn't Catholic anymore, a roundup of opinions on the new stem cell technique, a request from scientists for the Pope to address Evolution more fully, and the world's most complete collection of links to HP opinions from people worth listening to. Plus reviews of an apparently good movie about JPII.
P.S. on the Gerry Matatics/traditionalism thing. Hubby prefers (although not to the point of apostasy) the so-called "Tridentine" mass (this is a misnomer, but the most common name) --the indult brought him back to the Church after a decade-long absence, and he simply can't abide folk music. Period. Interestingly, however, he recently had occasion to look something up in a journal, and he discovered there that he loved the novus ordo when it was first introduced! It seems a summer studying with Fritz Wilhelmsen is what turned him to the dark side.