Harry Potter & "Yellowcake Joe"

Nothing to do with each other, but I'm linking to articles on both.

Here's the WaPo review of Harry Potter VI. Know nothing about the reviewer (or thus about his judgment), but he notes the book needs cutting --confirming my suspicion that any novel that comes in at 600 pp. is badly in need of better editing.

And then, I give up. I'd resolved to adopt a no-Rove, none of the time policy here at W&W, but then Mark Steyn goes and coins the nickname "Yellowcake Joe," and how could I resist? I console myself that the column is not ultimately about Le Affaire Plame, but about intelligence work and the role on terror.
And to those who say, "but that's why Iraq is a distraction from the war on terror," sorry, it doesn't work like that. It's not either/or; it's a string of connections: unlimited Saudi money, Westernized Islamist fanatics, supportive terrorist states, proliferating nuclear technology. One day it all comes together and there goes the neighborhood. Here's another story you may have missed this week: ''Iran will resume uranium enrichment if the European Union does not recognize its right to do so, two Iranian nuclear negotiators said in an interview published Tuesday.''
Got that? If you don't let us go nuclear, we'll go nuclear. Negotiate that, John Kerry.