We Were Soldiers Once, And Broke

That's the title of a Ben Stein column in the NYT (that I found via Powerline). A simple reminder that "none of the astounding beauty of daily life in America would be possible without the shield of the men and women riding around in valleys in Afghanistan and infiltrating terrorist cells all over the world." It's short and worth it to RTWT, but here's a little enticement.
Remember that it all depends on the fighting men and women, not on the people in
finance. It depends on the guys whose names you will never know, guys who come
home and work - not at jobs in which helicopters ferry them to secret-deal meetings in New York or London, but at jobs in places like a car wash in Burleson, Tex., where one of the men who captured Saddam Hussein is working without complaint and with barely mentioning that he was in Iraq. That is, if they come home with all their limbs - or if they come home at all.