Your Reading Assignments, Class

Very light blogging this coming week, as I wing it to the Left Coast mid-week. Many things must occur first to make that go smoothly, so unless something dramatic happens (or I have an emergency need to rant), we'll "talk" again in about 10 days. In the meanwhile, here are some things to read --and send anything good I miss to .
  1. First, remember what Cardinal Ratzinger said about liberation theology in South America? This morning Thomas Sowell makes the same point as it applies to Africa.
  2. In his inimitable way, VDH asks Homer Simpson's credulous question: "Mmm. Rock stars. Is there anything they don't know? [UPDATE: VDH doesn't actually use that line, it's how I summarize the column. I knew I'd heard that line recently, but couldn't think where. Ninme QoL reminded me.]
  3. I was going to link to Cliff May's column in the W. Times about leftists who support the war in Iraq, but they didn't post it for some reason. Too bad, maybe it'll turn up in a day or two.