Raspberry's on Santorum's Side, etc.

In his mild, straddle-the-fence way, Bill Raspberry disputes Hillary's premise about who raises kids.

Novak breaks his silence in a WaPo column not yet on-line. He says former CIA spokesman Bill Harlow flat-out lied in his characterization of the Wilson/Plame affair and Novak's role in it. I hardly agree with Novak about anything these days, but the man is honest. More evidence of the rogue nature of the CIA. UPDATE: Novak's column ran elsewhere yesterday. Here it is.
Meanwhile, over at WaTi, Mark Steyn has a teency-weency li'l suggestion for British (& American) taxpayers: stop subsidizing terrorists by enrolling them in welfare programs. It's just a suggestion, you know, off the top of his head.
Omar, who was last seen vaulting a barrier at Warren Street station, has been
the registered occupant of the flat since 1999. Ibrahim, who was last seen in Hackney Road, East London, after his failed attempt to blow up a No. 26 bus, shared it with him for the past two years. Omar, received 88 pounds a week in housing benefit to pay for the council property and also received income support, immigration officials say." "Council property" is Britspeak for public housing. So here's how things stand four years after September 11, 2001: British taxpayers are subsidizing the jihad. There's a cheery thought for any Englishman on a bus when some Islamakazi self-detonates: It's on his tax bill. Pay as you blow.