Why Not National Cathedral?

Cardinal McCarrick has given permission for the Rehnquist funeral to be held at St. Matthew's cathedral, although Rehnquist was Lutheran and so will the service be. The family requested it, yet I wonder why. Size and central location are the reasons given, but National Cathedral was big enough for Reagan. . . .
WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPT. 6, 2005 (Zenit.org).- Wednesday's funeral for U.S. Chief
Justice William Rehnquist, a Lutheran, will be in the Catholic cathedral here. The Catholic directory on interfaith matters says churches are "generally reserved for Catholic worship" but local bishops may permit worship by other Christians who lack a place "for celebrating worthily their religious ceremonies," the Associated Press said today. The Rehnquist family reportedly asked Cardinal Theodore McCarrick for use of the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle because of its size and central location, said an archdiocesan spokeswoman. Rehnquist had been a member at congregations affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. U.S. Appeals Judge John Roberts, a Catholic, has been nominated to take Rehnquist's place on the Supreme Court.