Snow Day Reading

It's bitterly cold, snowing and a big ice storm is on its way; school's letting out early --so today seems like a good day to announce erratic (not necessarily light, but who knows) blogging from now til Epiphany. But here are some good reads on miscellaneous topics.
George Weigel on ignorant Catholic politicians --and how they damage everyone's political life. (Curtsy to Hugh Hewitt).
Claudia Rosett on the assasination of Lebanese journalist Gebran Tueni. (I hadn't heard of him, either, but we all should have). Also from Opinion Journal --today-- Matt Pottinger explains why he's left the WSJ to join the Marines. He decided to fight for his country based on experiences in China, which is a nice segue for a chilling story about the Chinese military hacking into US government servers --a story I haven't seen elsewhere. Hmm.
Is it my imagination or are the Many Screeching Monkeys starting to get the message that we need balanced Iraq reporting? I've been amazed at the stories I've heard on ABC radio and elsewhere during these three days of elections. At the top of the hour, there's always some Iraqi voter saying "thank you to Bush & the American people!" with all his heart, and reports of long lines, people dancing as they vote, etc. Pajamasmedia has all kinds of reports, plus links to other stuff. Did you purple your finger? (I did, though my husband mocked me.)