White Lights Or Colored Lights?

I've been blogging in between baking trays of cookies this afternoon, if you're wondering about the number of posts. You can do a post or two while waiting for one batch to finish, though it annoys your children. Cut-out cookies reminded me of this fun Christmas and Hannukah piece from the late and lamented Michael Kelly.
White lights are high-class; colored lights are somewhat less so. White lights make the statement that one is a refined sort who appreciates that less is more and who celebrates Christmas (and life in general) in such a fashion that one would not be absolutely mortified if Martha Stewart dropped by unexpectedly for tea. Colored lights make the statement that one is the sort of person who believes that Christmas is not Christmas without an electric sled and reindeer on the lawn, an electric Santa on the roof, an electric Frosty by the front gate and an electric Very Special Person in a manger on the porch. Most of the houses in my neighborhood are white-light houses, and I have to admit they are lovely, but I was raised in a colored-light family, and I am raising Tom and Jack to be colored-light men too. They do not take a lot of convincing on this. Boys are naturally colored-lighters.