Potpourri of Popery, Part 11

  • The long-awaited (or feared) curial shake-up has begun. So far, seems mostly a reining in of bureaucracy, not a change of direction. Stay tuned.

  • The Pope encouraged a group of new movements meeting in Latin America to evangelize, evangelize, evangelize . . .always in union with the universal church. Story here; better description of what was said at zenit.

  • The Boston Archdiocese has dropped out of the adoption business; been driven out is a more accurate term. They ought to fight for the benefit of all who care about the First Amendment, but I guess they don't have the $$ for it in the aftermath of the scandals there. Plus it seems those who run Catholic Charities there don't have the stomach for the fight the bishops promised.

  • Depends who you talk to department. Here's a story about recent remarks Cardinal Martino made about allowing Islam to be taught in Italian public schools. The thrust of the article makes it seem Martino called for this. But the Zenit story (see Vatican Dossier for March 10) leaves an entirely different impression: that Martino was discussing religious liberty generally, and especially focused on reciprocity. If we allow Muslims to study their faith here, Christians must be allowed to study their faith in Muslim countries. Big difference in message, I'd say!