That's One Racy Obit


Wow. Blush. The most interesting aspect of Profumo's story to me, however, is his profound shame over his misdeeds. Does anyone today even remember what that word means? Yet WaTi reports: Filled with remorse, Mr. Profumo never sought to justify himself or seek public sympathy.

and he also became known, in the last 40 years of his life, as a tireless worker or charity and as a man who bore his humiliations with enormous dignity and personal integrity. Mr. Profumo's story is one of a man who made one terrible mistake but sought his own redemption in a way that has no precedent in public life either before or since.

In the WaPo obit, we're told:

"No one judges Jack Profumo more harshly than he does himself," British Bishop Jim Thompson said in 1993. "He says he has never known a day since it happened when he has not felt shame."

Imagine! Sin, followed by shame, remorse & atonement rather than by a book deal. This guy is my new hero.

UPDATE: The P-G provides a bit of doggerel for the occasion.