Rummy Is Yummy

His remarks bite, so the usual suspects are having a meltdown. Read the transcript of his speech before the American Legion today here. There are nice moments, like this one
Through all the challenges, [Bush] remains the same man who stood atop the rubble of lower Manhattan, with a bullhorn, vowing to fight back; the leader who told a grieving nation that we will never forget what was lost; and the determined President who works every day to fulfill his vow to bring the enemy to justice or to bring justice to the enemy.

And biting ones, such as his discussion of the press and the conclusion of his characterization of Europe from 1919 on:

There was a strange innocence in views of the world. Someone recently recalled one U.S. Senator’s reaction in September 1939, upon hearing that Hitler had invaded Poland to start World War II. He exclaimed:

"Lord, if only I could have talked with Hitler, all this might have been avoided.”

Think of that!

Make you think of any Senator we know?