Fridays With Ratzi

Attention homilists:

What role does God really play in our preaching? Do we not normally avoid the issue and shift to matters that we deem more "concrete" and more urgent --to political, social, economic and psychological questions, to questions of Church reform and criticism? We think that everyone knows about God already, that the subject of "God" has little to say to our everyday problems. Jesus corrects us: God is the practical, the realistic topic for man --in Jesus' time and in every
time. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we have to give men what they most need --communion with the living God.
Are we not all infected to varying degrees with an unacknowledged deism? We think that God is too far away, that he does not reach into our daily life; so, we say to ourselves, let's speak of close-at-hand, practical realities. No, says Jesus: God is present, he is within call. This is the first word of the gospel, which changes our whole life when we put our faith in it. This has to be said to our world with completely new vigor on the authority of Christ.

--from Gospel, Catechesis, Catechism