How 'Bout That Iranian Election?

Seen any results yet? Prior to the elections, Asia News ran a story on Abombnjihad's social crackdown. This line remind you of any newspapers, operas or airport authorities you know?
the grey areas have shrunk: social control is growing not least thanks to self-censorship
Then a story appeared Monday suggesting the referendum on Abomb hadn't gone too well for him --a few of his henchmen may even have been defeated.
When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Friday elections were not a test for the government, it was clear what he meant. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani won and reformers are back.
Today it's Delays in vote count raising fears of vote rigging in Tehran, subtitled:
Interior ministry has not yet released any results. Reformist candidates fear vote rigging after Ahmadinejad’s supporters appear to lose.
Did Abomb get a thumpin' equal to Bush's?
Although news of reformist victories spread throughout the country early on Saturday, and the results of both the Assembly of Experts and city council elections were announced in many cities, no official news came out of Tehran
Rooz reports that the interior ministry is allowing only certain reporters to visit tallying centers, and, for the first time in the Islamic Republic’s history, the task of securing election sites has been delegated to Basiji militiamen, who are loyal to President Ahmadinejad, instead of regular police forces.
Two of the most radical conservative figures, former Basij commander Bagher Zolghadr and Samareh Hashemi, Ahmadinejad’s advisor in political affairs, have been charged with the task of monitoring the election process.
At least our president takes his licks like a man. And PS, they're arresting Christians for Christmas there, too.