To Leave Anbar, Go To Anwar

The Santorum exit interview (quite Churchillian, by the way --Santorum for prez? If not 2008, then thereafter?) reminds me of a VDH column I meant to post weeks ago. Here are two "hawks" whose study of the threat of radical Islam has radicalized their thinking on domestic drilling, conservation and alternative energy.
S: we finance our enemy either directly or indirectly. We don't buy directly from Iran, but the price of oil is greatly influenced by the consumption of Americans. And the lack of production in this country has an impact on world supply and therefore on world price. Our lack of using alternative resource has the same impact.
V: only collapsing the world oil price to below $30 a barrel can stop Iran's ability to fund terrorists, buy costly weapons and develop its nuclear program
Move over, Leonardo D --we're all buying hybrids now. I know it gives me the urge to walk to the grocery store.