In Which It Is Further Established That The Pope Is A Mensch

On February 12 the Lateran University held an international congress on Natural Law, at which B16 gave this address.
Natural law is, definitively, the only valid bulwark against the arbitrary power or the deception of ideological manipulation.

UPDATE: Speaking of Natural Law, Bishop Morlino explains (for so long as the link lasts) how the strange case of Anna Nicole Smith proves we need it --and ties this reflection to Lent to boot.
When the state does not protect and reinforce the marriage bond and the true definition of marriage, everything is left to the courts and there is a lot of money to be made. The civil law was meant to reflect the law of reason - the natural law - and when it doesn't, there can result profound excesses in the litigation sphere as is evident here. When civil law opened the door to no-fault divorce and in-vitro fertilization, civil law started down the slippery slope that led us to the present moment.
Tinkering with the marriage bond and with the definition of marriage empowers the courts to usurp decisions that belong to the traditional family and affords great wealth to eager litigators. The natural law is the guide both to freedom and to conscience in these very sensitive matters.