Plasticles To Be Outlawed

Here's something I never heard of that's about to be outlawed in my state. Oh, Dearie Me, the things you find yourself defending in this fallen world! I don't defend this practice in the slightest, except from the stupidity of making a law against it. When will people figure out that if you spend 50 years teaching everyone that manners are for the stuffy and unlikeable, morality for dupes, Western civilization the product of dead racists with whose ideas we need not grapple, and those who detest vulgarity are to be mocked out of town as "Christianists," the general standards of behavior are not going to improve? Law is not the answer, however. The weapons against vulgar behavior are strict parents, stern-eyed aunts, arched eyebrows and, as George Washington put it, "indignant frowning."

Mr. W. adds that vulgarity is an aspect of the culture of death; not to wish to be civilized means not to wish to be fully human.