Cuddliest. Enemies. Ever.

Prof. Knippenberg recently pointed out Jonah Goldberg's most charitable review of Dinesh D'Souza's latest; it's the fairest review I've seen, and probably as much as could be said, winding up with this objection:
D'Souza's claim that when it comes to "core beliefs" he has more in common with the Grand Mufti of Egypt than with Michael Moore, simply won't hold. Which beliefs?Sure, Ali Gomaa is against gay marriage, but he also thinks sculpture should be banned and believes Jews are "bloodsuckers." D'Souza would have to keep the conversation pretty constrained for him to stay eye-to-eye with the Mufti.
(Plus, as Samir Khalil Samir, SJ points out, in fact Muslims living in Western countries are not a force for "family values.") Prof. K. liked this line in Goldberg's review, and so do I:
Ted Kennedy may or may not be a Caligulan carbuncle, but if the jihadists want to behead him for it, they'll have to get through me first.
But I'd say this little video is D'Souza definitively refuted. Have these two been scandalized by Western debauchery?