Culture Of Corruption

Which of our institutions is, bar none, the most corrupt in every sense? Hands up those who said "universities." Here's only the latest instance in a long line of stories convincing me that higher education in this country is, with rare exceptions, an outright fraud. Let's see Congessional hearings into resume padding, cherry-picked research, grant-wheedling, institutional bias, grade inflation, the dumbing-down of curricula, etc. etc. I mean, if we're serious about not tolerating a massive fraud perpetrated on the public.

FWIW, in the course of the past 6 months, I've had conversations with 3 different sets of parents who are seriously wondering whether it's worth the cost to send their kids to college. These were not radical homeschoolers, fed-up fortress mentality Christians or "granola"/live-off-the-grid types, either. Conventional, reasonable parents who bring the topic up rather sheepishly. This is merely anecdotal, of course, but it seems to me that some kind of shift is occurring in the way people of good will think about higher education, and academia should be paying attention --it's destroying people's confidence not only in particular institutions, but in the very idea of the university.