What Is This, China?

Here's a list of words I am going to write out fully. Let's see how they end up when I post.

  • root and nch
  • nd name
  • cow-nding
  • Beautiful zil
  • What a t!
  • ssiere
  • twurst with mustard
  • A drunken wl
  • the ;-) truth
  • the ;-)le winds of fate

Update: the first 8, the missing letters are b-r-a. Then there's n-a-k-e-d. And perhaps the most unbelievable, f-i-c-k which is only similar to an offensive word. Who is responsible for this preposterous censorship of language? I've noticed in some news stories I can't even figure out what the ;-) is supposed to be replacing --or why.

Update 2: Well, that's one way to achieve ecumenism. ;-) of Babylon just ain't that insulting. (See this post and scroll down to "Amy Welborn writes...". And some web-savvy person tell me to whom to complain. Then look at the comments here. I kept wondering what people were talking about, "emce" our brother. Is this some Protestant term? Then I realized b-r-a was being deleted by the program. emb-r-ace. I'd curse, but of course that would be deleted.

Update 3: Rueful Red suggests I try others: Algebra, Brazos River, eg. I could add brachiosaurus.