Wolfie Guilty Of Following Bank Instructions

Sigh. So predictable I don't have the energy to be outraged. In addition to all we've chronicled thusfar, this story reveals the board's move is about Euro-elites muscling in on the American President's ability to name the Bank President. The story also notes the Euro-elites are threatening to take their ball and go home.
This official said that the overwhelming sentiment in Europe, as expressed in editorials, political commentaries and even web logs, was that European governments should never again let the United States pick the president of the World Bank all by itself.
In addition, the Europeans say that they have begun signaling their intention of aiding African countries and other poor nations through their own development agencies, rather than through the World Bank or its principal vehicle for aid to the poorest countries, known as the International Development Agency.
Which, as far as I'm concerned, would be a consummation devoutly to be wished. Please, Euro-elites, don't tease me.

Wolfie's "guilt" was decided by 7 of the 24 board members. The whole board has to vote a punishment. NYT reports only three solid votes in support of our man: our own, Japan & Canada. The African nations are said to be "wavering." Wonder why? Want to see some good old fashioned imperialism in action --with a little racism to boot? Be a fly in the wall as the European delegates threaten their outnumbered African confreres in the next few days.