The World's Poor Are In These People's Hands

Sigh. It's unbelievable to me that members of the "Ethics" Committee of the WorldBank are claiming it was never consulted when Wolfowitz provides documentation that they were. I guess they're standing on the technicality that it wasn't a formal consultation, but a series of email solicitations for advice. But when a member of the committee sends an email saying that the Committee has
done "a careful review" of the email which "did not contain any new information warranting any further review by the Committee,"
does that not convey to reasonable people the message that the Ethics Committee signs off on the matter? As usual, WSJ is on the case (today their angle is World Bank salaries --if that's what people are exorcised about, then by all means lets publicize the names and salaries of everyone at the Bank who makes more than the Sec. of State. Preferably before Congress takes up the expected $7 billion request expected from WB.) and the blogosphere is mute.

ninme thinks it's because Conservatives, too, care only about what affects Bush/politics. I suppose people are more worried about the war right now, and I understand that, but one of the least attractive features of the Right is its willingness to throw its own people under buses. And could it be we just don't care that much about helping the world's poor? Because here, in my estimation, is a noble man serious about doing just that and the elites want to stop him at all costs. Where are all his friends --you know, the ones who loved him when he was influencing our Iraq policy? Maybe they think rising to his defense will hurt him? I would like to believe that's the reason.