Army Cuts & Runs In The Information War

The Army has shut down the milbloggers with stringent new rules requiring that commanders sign off before anything new can be posted. Blasphemy and expletive deleted, do they not understand that the little support they have comes from people reading milblogs to find out what's really happening? Now, just at the moment we are hoping for a turn-around in Iraq--and it seems to be happening-- they're going to cut off access to information? There are no words to express the stupidity of that move. Or my contempt for the folks who made the decision. How can you be in the midst of a war and be so utterly clueless? Hugh Hewitt is posting periodic round-ups. Mudville Gazette has a round-up too. Visit your favorite milblog for updates.

Update: it appears that Gen. Casey signed the order. Hewitt interviews Blackfive, who paints the picture.