I'm Just A Simple Caveman

Unschooled as I am in the ways of your world, I am not afraid of the "path to citizenship" because I don't think most illegal immigrants desire to be citizens. I think they come here to make moolah and send it home, with the idea of returning eventually. Remittances are why our erstwhile amigo Mexico is worse than no help.

Here's a floater idea, and you high finance types explain to caveman why this won't work. Couldn't we just concentrate on making it impossible to send or receive money from abroad unless you can prove you're here legally? You know, require a biometric card (which most folks seem to think is doable) to be able to open an account or wire moolah? Seems like most folks would mosey on home on their own, no (that there'd be no $$ for flight school is bonus)? Seriously, I'm sure this notion must reveal my colossal ignorance of high finance, but send me an email and walk me through.

Illegal immigration is not just our problem --it's destroying the Mexican family & preserving Mexican poverty. I never understand why we don't focus way more attention on pressuring the Mexican government (as opposed to its poor citizenry) to straighten up and fly right. Which would serve us better in the long run, because Mexico in my judgment(and on the strength of the opinions of Mexican friends) is a mere one or two elections away from going Chavez on us. Its incredibly corrupt wealthy class is being allowed to hide its utter bankruptcy on the strength of remittances from us, and their revolution is coming. If we pressured them to improve, we might help to circumvent that. I think it might be in the interest of border security not to have a Chavez-n-Abombnjihad ally just a wee bit South of us. But then, I'm just a simple caveman.