Less Than Edifying

Because there are some measures in this omnibus immigration bill that seem like big improvements, I have been persuaded only reluctantly that the bureaucracy can't deliver on its promises and the bill must therefore be opposed. I'm very close to the "pox on both your houses," though, where the debate is concerned.

  • Yes, it's offensive to be told by proponents of the bill that opponents are ipso facto bigots. And while I've seen any number of columns whining about how unfair that charge is, I'd say opponents of the bill have given as good as they've gotten in the offensive argument department.

  • As a former governor of a border state, Bush qualifies as an expert on illegal immigration and border control, and takes a particular approach. One he has been pushing for 8 years as I am not the only one to recall. I don't say that makes him right; but the Bush Moron/Sell-out meme is equally offensive. Ditto the "trash-talk" directed at the President of the United States I'm reading on the major blogs and hearing on talk radio. It's at the level of "wanna piece of me, Punk, well, do ya?" I disagree with the remainder of the email posted here, but the first graf is right on.
    Is there some sort of sweeps month for Internet sites, conservative, political, or otherwise? If so, that would go a long way toward explaining the rabble rousing behavior of NRO lately. Not knowing the periodization of the posited sweeps months, I would theorize that similar rating periods must have occurred during the Dubai Ports and Harriet Miers crises.

I love to see folks skewered by rapier wit, but when everyone's inner Bill Mahr comes out, that's cause for shame.

Update: along the same powerlines, tsking She Who Must Not Be Linked.