Three Questions

Sojourners sponsored an event for the top Dem presidential candidates to discuss the role religion plays in their lives. I heard some clips on the radio today. The host thought we should be laughing, but actually I thought Hillary at least came off rather likable. A round-up of coverage with links to lengthy excerpts is here. I very much like Prof. K's questions, too, because they aren't snarky, but take the Dems at their word. Quoting but condensing:

  1. if one’s faith, or a precept derived from it, is a legitimate point of departure for a discussion about poverty policy, why isn’t it also a legitimate point of departure for a discussion of abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.?
  2. is it possible for people of faith to disagree about what policy faith demands for poverty and social welfare as--they would surely contend--it is about abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.?
  3. What do you say to people in your party who argue that religion doesn’t belong in politics, that it is divisive, regressive, and/or irrational?
(I don't consider this a violation of my no-electioneering 'til the Fall rule, because it's a larger question and not a directly campaign-related topic.)