Huey Long Is Dead


I served Indian tonight to celebrate. Here's Bobby Jindal's victory speech.
before we can change the direction of our state, we all have to change our current mindset.
We have to defeat cynicism, we have to stop saying-- "politics is always corrupt, there is nothing we can do about the mess in Baton Rouge."

Sadly, those words roll right off the tongue. We have all become accustomed to thinking that we can't do anything about corruption and incompetence in state government.

We just can't think that way anymore. I'm asking you to believe that we can turn our state around. I'm asking you to give Louisiana another chance.

Conservative. Catholic (a convert from Hinduism). And he just pulled off an unprecedented victory.What's not to love? More here, including a lengthy excerpt from a subscriber-only profile of Jindal from the Weekly Standard. Some folks are selling this t-shirt.