Thanks Heavens For Littler Girls And Free Clinic Access

"Monsters" From The Ryskind Sketchbook

I'm sure my words will seem like hot-headed blogger extremism to some, but in response to this (Maine middle school starts dispensing contraceptives to middle schoolers), I've had a post brewing in my mind all week, which this cartoon sums up well. I was going to mention Leo Strauss' teaching that when someone defends an immoral practice, it is rational to assume he either is practicing or wishes to practice it. So when we find adults voting in favor of the dispensing of contraceptives --without parental knowledge-- to kids as young as 11, it is rational to have suspicions about the members of that school board. Lest this strike you as far-fetched, let's hypothetically change the policy slightly. Instead of having the school nurse dispense contraceptives, let's have the school chaplain do it. Now what do you think?

Now let's not forget the high incidence of such things in our nation's public schools:
In 1998 the U.S. Dept. of Justice listed 103,600 reported cases of sexual abuse in public schools, while in the 53 years from 1950-2003 there were 10,667 reported cases of clergy sexual abuse nationwide. That's ten times as many in a single year as instances of clerical abuse in more than half a century.
And of course we were just talking about this. I wouldn't support this policy even for high-schoolers, but I can at least understand the rationale where 17 & 18-yr-olds are concerned. But 11-year-olds? Eldest Weed is just a few weeks shy of 11, and though he's old enough to have had "the talk," he and the kids in his class are all still just goofy kids. They're still losing their teeth and telling poop jokes. If they're accused of having crushes, they hotly deny it, and you can torment them by saying, "Katie & David, sitting in a tree...." I can promise you that an 11-yr-old girl doesn't need contraceptives to "protect herself" from her peer crushes, such as they are. This is a policy to make life easier for sexual abusers & statutory rapists.

But who the hell cares? It's only women.