Because 15 Hours Of Back-to-Back Discussion of The Same Topic Is Not Enough

Our local radio talk station, WMAL, just fired its longest-running host, Chris Core. He's very gracious about it, but I think it's a mistake to drive out the only original voice in the area. They didn't even let him say good-bye to his fans.

His fate was probably sealed a few years ago when they moved him from the afternoon, where he was perfect -- a warm and welcoming voice on the drive home-- to make room for Hannity. I don't think the morning show suited him, although my radio listening is limited to a few minutes here and there, so what do I know? At any rate, it was refreshing to know you could find someone talking about something else --often local issues-- once in awhile. Rush Limbaugh is great, but I see no need to play him in continuous loop day after day, which is what the current schedule amounts to. The parent company making this decision is also turning the sister station into --wait for it-- an oldies station. Sha la la la la la la la la la la di da.